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Hosts crowned football queens




An amazing effort from captain Huỳnh Như (9) beat Thailand’s goalkeeper Waraporn and sealed the title for the hosts. — VNA/ Photo Hoàng Linh


QUẢNG NINH — Just a few months ago, after the historic campaign that saw Việt Nam’s women qualify for their first-ever World Cup, head coach Mai Đức Chung announced his retirement at the end of this year.

On May 21, at Cẩm Phả Stadium, Chung celebrated like a young man after his women made the nation proud with their seventh SEA Games title, a record.

The head coach position has yet to be decided, but Chung’s legacy, which was decorated by this 1-0 win against Thailand in the SEA Games 31 final, will stay forever in the hearts of the Vietnamese people.

Defying fan expectations of a cautious final, Việt Nam bamboozled the visitor with rapid attacks.

When the clock only showed one minute and 30 seconds of playing time, the hosts introduced themselves with Nguyễn Thị Vạn beating two taller Thai defenders to fire a stunning header towards goal that was only just saved by the tip of goalie Waraporn’s fingers.

Five minutes later, from a cross on the right, the ball found captain Huỳnh Như, surrounded by the Thais, to try her luck with a skillful volley that was again stopped by the on-form Waraporn.

Việt Nam really showed commitment in dealing with their opponents right from the off, with chance after chance in all positions from headers to long-range efforts.

Thailand certainly didn’t prepare for such an overwhelming attack, but as five-time champions of the tournament themselves, their mentality helped them survive the attacking waves and they defended solidly while offering dangerous counter-attacks.

The first half ended goalless, a relief for Miyo Okamoto’s team.

Nguyễn Thị Tuyết Dung (7) in action against Thailand. — VNA/ Photo Hoàng Linh

With better gameplay and a crowd of more than 16,000 fans on their side, Việt Nam repeated their dominance in the second half. Only this time, Mai Đức Chung’s women were able to finish.

The goal came in the 60th minute after an outstanding display from Dương Thị Vân, whose tackle near the centre spot broke the Thai attack to open up a golden counter-attack for Việt Nam.

From Vân’s foot, a brilliant long pass was created, defeating the entire Thai defence and finding Huỳnh Như, who got there ahead of the onrushing Waraporn.

With only the goalie to beat, Như’s sensational touch helped the number 9 to catch a small break off Waraporn before she rolled it into the empty net.

After the goal, Mai Đức Chung changed tactics with substitutions to bolster his defence, while the Thais pushed their players higher up, seeking the equaliser.

The last minutes of the match showed why Việt Nam deserved the crown as the women in red were excellent in both attack and defence, preventing every single Thai effort.

Finally, the whistle blew, the crowd in the Cẩm Phả Stadium exploded and the hosts broke down in tears of joy.

Vietnamese supporters created a wall of red in Cẩm Phả Stadium to support their women’s team. — VNA/ Photo Anh Tuấn

“Coach Chung encouraged us to stay together and try better in the second half. For us, unity is vital to winning such an important match. And he really motivated us,” captain Huỳnh Như said after the match.

“Winning at home is so special. It made us feel more determined to win this match as a gift for the fans who loved and supported us until today. I would like to thank everyone for such a fantastic game, especially my team and the fans who supported us here and at home.

“I also wish all the best to the men’s team in the final against Thailand tomorrow.”

In the earlier third-place match, the Philippines made a great comeback to surpass Myanmar and secure the bronze medal.

Leaving Việt Nam with their heads held high with a batch of young talented players who have gained experience playing abroad, the future looks promising for Alen Stajcic’s women.

With this result, Việt Nam retained their dominance in the region’s biggest sports competition, having now won seven finals.

The men’s final between Việt Nam and Thailand will take place on May 22 at the Mỹ Đình Stadium. —



Indonesian bikers exchange with Vietnamese partners



HÀ NỘI – A team of 18 bikers drove across Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos and reached Việt Nam on July 31 in the 2nd Wonderful Indonesia Motorbike Touring 2022 (WIMT 2022).

Members of the Hanoi Motorbike Club greeted the Indonesian Motor Association (IMI) members at the Cầu Treo international border in Hà Tĩnh Province.

“I am certain that doing something out of love will always be successful because it is done wholeheartedly,” said Indonesian Ambassador to Việt Nam, Denny Abdi, at a reception on Monday at the Indonesian Embassy.

Trần Anh Tuấn, Chairman of the Hanoi Motorbike Club and Vice President of the Vietnam Bicycle and Motorcycle Federation (right), hands a gift to Joel DeksaMastana, the Head of the 2022 WIMT Delegation. Photo Courtesy of the embassy

Ambassador Denny Abdi appreciated the Hanoi Motorbike Club welcoming the 2022 WIMT group.

“I remember the first time I met Trần Anh Tuấn to convey the plan for WIMT 2022. He was very excited and conveyed his full support immediately,” he said.

Trần Anh Tuấn, Chairman of the Hanoi Motorbike Club and Vice President of the Vietnam Bicycle and Motorcycle Federation, recalled his first meeting with Indonesian bikers at the Cầu Treo border. He was impressed that the Indonesian bikers rode their motorcycles well and successfully passed challenging tracks at the Cầu Treo border.

In his response, Joel DeksaMastana, the Head of the 2022 WIMT Delegation, said, “The Vietnamese bikers were amazing. They escorted us from the border to Hà Nội. It was a very memorable journey.” The journey from the Cầu Treo border to Hà Nội, covering around 390km, took almost 10 hours.

Joel added that WIMT 2022 encountered many hardships such as the delayed arrival of the motorbikes, motorbikes breaking down in Thailand, Cambodia, and Việt Nam, as well as accidents.

The team at Cầu Treo Border. Photo courtesy of the embassy

However, he hopes this 4,500 km journey can benefit the countries greatly, particularly strengthening good relations between the peoples, including the brotherhood of the biker’s community in Indonesia and Việt Nam.

Luyến Thị Hồng Hạnh, Deputy Director of International Cooperation, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Việt Nam, expressed her appreciation to the WIMT 2022, who also brought various Indonesian products to introduce to the Vietnamese bikers in Hà Nội. She hopes that this activity can further strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

Apart from touring, WIMT 2022 also carried a special mission for promoting tourism and Indonesian MSMEs.

In this regard, the bikers exhibited Indonesian products, especially motorbike’ parts and accessories, namely Axson Lube, Rob1 (clothing-footwear-muffler), RSV Helmets, the Maxxwire (booster device), safer driving products, as well as sport tourism products from Indonesia. VNS


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Cồn Đen eco-tourism area, a wild beauty



Visitors discover Cồn Đen Eco-tourism Area. — Photo

Lâm Giang

We were lucky enough to visit the Cồn Đen Eco-Tourism Area in the northern province of Thái Bình at the weekend.

In addition to Đồng Châu and Cồn Vành, Cồn Đen is also an extremely attractive and interesting destination for tourists both inside and outside the province. It is only 150km from the capital of Hà Nội, so it is an ideal coastal destination for tourists on summer days.

Coming to this eco-tourism area, in addition to swimming in the sea, visitors also admire the green stretches of pine trees or enjoy a boat ride to explore the mangrove forest, which is typical of the biosphere in the northern coastal area.

Cồn Đen is located in Thái Đô Commune, Thái Thụy District, 60km from the centre of Thái Bình City. 

The roads in Thái Đô leading to Cồn Đen are built of solid concrete, which is convenient for tourism development.

Cồn Đen has a relatively flat terrain with a 3km sandy strip which was formed by alluvial and sedimentary tectonics of the Trà Lý River. On hot days, walking along this sandy strip, you can watch the white waves rushing to the shore and the green pine trees swaying with the sea breeze.

Cồn Đen was recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve in 2004. Up to now, the natural scenery on the islet is still wild. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful sea dunes in the north.

Sitting on the boat for about 45-60 minutes, we observed all the majestic beauty of the scenery and had the opportunity to visit the mangrove forest, as well as be immersed in nature.

Cồn Đen’s coastal ecosystem is very unique with plants such as nipa palms and mangroves. It has about 200 species of birds, including nearly 60 species of migratory birds, more than 50 species of water birds and many rare bird species recorded in the World Red Book such as the black-faced spoonbill, gulls and spoon-billed sandpiper.

Tourists catch oysters with a fisherman. — Photo

We are extremely surprised by the wild beauty here, it is rare to combine many experience models in one complex.

With long sandy beaches, moderate slopes, and year-round gentle waves, Cồn Đen is also a very suitable place to swim every summer. You can also organise picnics, games and entertainment on the sea such as fishing and beach volleyball after hours of playing with the waves.

Also do not miss the chance to explore inside the mangrove forest through the Dream Bridge – the longest bamboo bridge in the country.

Visitors can explore the mangrove forest along the Dream Bridge, the longest bamboo bridge in the country. — Photo

Savouring foods here is also an unforgettable experience for us. The restaurants are arranged in a cool space, serving fresh seafood such as oysters, prawn, crabs, fish and sea snails at reasonable prices. 

In addition, Cồn Đen’s specialities include jellyfish salad, fish salad, Diêm Điền fish sauce and home-brew rice wine with typical, rustic flavours.

When the sunset comes, nature and people seem to blend, bringing something new and attractive. The people here often say that Cồn Đen is like a ‘sleeping beauty who has just been awakened. It is so wild, poetic and lyrical.

Tourists enjoy grilled seafood in the evening. — Photo courtesy of Cồn Đen Eco-tourism Area

Cồn Đen ecological area is suitable for one or two-day trips. The hotels and motels here meet all needs of visitors.

The presence of eco-tourism areas like Cồn Đen contributes to bringing a new face to Thái Bình tourism, helping to make full use of inherent natural resources, and widely promoting the beauty of the homeland to visitors.

Ignoring the hustle and bustle of the streets, being immersed in the sea, and being in harmony with nature will certainly be great experiences for every visitor when coming to Cồn Đen. VNS


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VN students win golds in pencak silat at ASEAN University Games



Ong Gia Phong of Việt Nam (centre) poses for photos after winning his gold in the men’s U90kg class in pencak silat. Photos aug20th2022

HÀ NỘI — Vietnamese students won two gold medals in pencak silat at the 20th ASEAN University Games in Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, on August 4.

Ong Gia Phong of Việt Nam beat Fauzi Ahmad Zein of Indonesia 3-2 in the final of the men’s U90kg category.

His teammate Nguyễn Thanh Phong defeated Saena Afikin of Thailand 3-2 in the men’s U50kg class.

Nguyễn Thanh Phong of Việt Nam (right) fights to win gold in the men’s U50kg category in pencak silat. 

Other fighters taking medals were Nguyễn Thị Hoài Duyên with a silver in the women’s U50kg; Trịnh Huy Khang with a bronze in the men’s U85kg and Nguyễn Tấn Định in the men’s U95kg.

In Muay Thai, Lý Diệu Phước of Việt Nam pocketed a silver in the men’s U48kg. He was defeated 30-27 by Thai Chaaumphan Surakiart.

Earlier, Võ Công Anh Kiệt earned a bronze in the men’s U63.5kg and Nguyễn Đình Minh Khuê bagged a bronze in the men’s U51kg.

Việt Nam will vie for gold medal in the women’s team e-sport event against Thailand today.

After 10 days of competition, Việt Nam remain at No 4 in the medal tally with 12 golds. 

Thailand are well ahead in leading position with 92 golds. Malaysia are second on 46 and Indonesia third with 40.

The Games will close on August 6. VNS


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