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Parents struggle to find semi-boarding schools for their children



Finding a semi-boarding school for their children is a top concern for many parents in HCM City. — Photo

HCM CITY — Many parents want to enroll their children in semi-boarding schools, which keep students for a full day.

Mai Nguyên, whose child is in the first grade at Lê Văn Thọ Primary School in HCM City’s District 12, said that she was looking for a full-day school as she had been suffering from hiring someone to pick up and take care of her child every afternoon.

Many parents in HCM City, especially from large migrant areas, are in a similar situation in which their children can only be at school for half a day.

Lê Anh Tuấn said that this was the second year that his family and other parents had had to rent a car together to pick up their children, who then would go to their teacher’s house afterwards.

“The teacher is responsible for taking care of all of the students until late when their parents are then able to pick them up after work. I want to find a semi-boarding school which would allow my child to stay at school for the whole day in Bình Thạnh District,” Tuấn said.

He said that his child was under stress from having to travel between different places during the day.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, many primary schools have given priority to two study shifts or a semi-boarding session for all first-grade students, while reducing the rate of two study shifts or semi-boarding sessions for second graders and upper grades.

According to the HCM City Department of Education and Training, 18 out of 24 districts are relatively stable in terms of arranging two study shifts per day for first graders.

Some districts such as Gò Vấp, Bình Tân, Tân Phú and District 12, however, are not able to do so, due to the large number of children entering the first grade.

At Lê Văn Thọ Primary School in District 12 which has over 4,500 students with about 90 classes, all students have switched to one study shift per day to avoid overcrowding.

In mid-May, many districts in HCM City and Thủ Đức City will announce early entry enrollment for students in the area. Parents should take note of each area’s enrollment regulations to prepare necessary documents for their children.

Even though parents have the tendency to apply for resident registration in District 1, the number of students who are able to attend the first grade in this area is calculated based on the number of fifth graders graduating from the schools.

“Students’ resident registration has been carefully reviewed in recent years. Children who are not from the area are not usually accepted to schools in District 1,” a representative of District 1 said.

According to the city People’s Committee’s early enrollment regulations, parents need to pay attention to important timelines and submit documents on time for their children. —



HCMC reports another coronavirus case



HCMC reports another coronavirus case

The building where two Covid-19 suspects work on Pasteur Street, HCMC’s District 3 is isolated on May 18, 2021. Photo by VnExpress/Huu Khoa.

A woman working with a man who tested positive for the new coronavirus on Tuesday morning has also got infected, HCMC Health Department announced.

Her first test result arrived as positive Tuesday night after the city tracked down 59 people who have had contact with the 35-year-old man who lives in Thu Duc City, works at an auditing company District 3, and has tested positive at least twice.

According to the city’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the woman, 34, lives in Tan Kieng Ward of District 7 and also works at the auditing company.

She had visited northern Hai Phong City, a coronavirus hotspot, from April 24 to May 5.

She flew back to HCMC on May 5 on Vietnam Airlines flight VN1179 and ran a fever three days later. She bought medicine to treat herself and did not have her health checked at any healthcare facilities.

She took sick leave for three days after that and returned to work on May 11.

The city is tracing down passengers on the flight and people that have come into close contact with her.

The Thu Duc man has not been recorded by the Health Ministry as a Covid-19 patient.

He had visited Vinmec Hospital on Monday for symptoms including fever, coughing and sore throat and then his samples were taken for testing.

His mother, wife and two children who live with him have tested negative at least once.

For the ongoing Covid-19 wave that broke out in Vietnam three weeks ago, the health ministry has confirmed just one patient in HCMC. No new local transmission has been linked to the city for 75 days.

Nationwide, the new wave has seen 1,473 cases recorded in 28 cities and provinces.


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New Covid-19 cases continue to surge in Bac Giang



A medical worker handles test tubes containing samples for Covid-19 testing. Vietnam reported 48 new domestic Covid-19 cases on Tuesday evening – PHOTO: MINISTRY OF HEALTH

HCMC – Thirty-three out of 48 new domestic Covid-19 cases confirmed this evening, May 18, were detected in Bac Giang, keeping the northern province the biggest Covid-19 hotspot in the fourth Covid-19 wave.

The new cases in the province are people that had close contact with Covid-19 patients and had been quarantined before testing positive.

The province accounted for more than half of today’s Covid-19 tally, with 96 cases out of the country’s total of 152.

Among the remaining cases, 13 were reported in Bac Ninh Province, while Dien Bien and Thai Binh provinces had one case each. They were detected at quarantine centers or areas that are currently under lockdown.

Up to now, Vietnam has reported 4,512 Covid-19 cases, including 1,473 domestic infections in 28 cities and provinces in the latest outbreak starting late last month.

Bac Giang and Bac Ninh have been hit the hardest by the fourth Covid-19 wave, with 507 and 306 cases to date, respectively.

The Ministry of Health has asked some frontline hospitals and the National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology to help Bac Giang Province with Covid-19 testing. The province is now capable of performing some 1,500 Covid-19 tests a day.

Many localities such as Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Yen Bai and Hai Duong have sent medical workers and equipment to Bac Giang to help the province fight off Covid-19.

For Bac Ninh Province, the Health Ministry has asked Bach Mai Hospital to send experts and mechanical ventilators to Bac Ninh Province General Hospital to assist the hospital in treating Covid-19 patients and restrict sending patients to the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases.


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Married Vietnamese couple probed for trading large amount of personal data



Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security has initiated legal proceedings against a married couple who own an IT company for collecting and trading a large amount of personal data.

Officers confirmed on Monday they had begun probing Du Anh Quy, 33, and his wife – 29-year-old Lai Thi Phuong – for illegally exploiting information on computer and telecommunications networks.

Fifteen others are also being investigated for being involved in a ring that appropriated and traded a large amount of data in many provinces and cities.

Police investigation showed that VNIT TECH, owned by Quy and Phuong, operated in the field of information technology.

Since 2020, the couple had illegally collected, appropriated, and purchased nearly 1,300GB of data containing information of individuals and organizations nationwide.

The personal data relates to many fields, namely electricity service customers, parents, students, bank customers, business registration information, state agency personnel, insurance, household registration, telecommunications data, mobile phone subscribers, electronics customers, and customers of real estate projects, among others.

Lai Thi Phuong is in this photo provided by police officers.

Lai Thi Phuong is shown in this photo provided by police officers.

The data was publicly sold on many websites, accounts, pages, and groups on social networks such as Facebook, Zalo, and Telegram, as well as hacker forums.

Members of the ring also offered warranty policy and the capacity to update and extract the data at the request of buyers.

The data was collected from many sources and by many different methods, including by taking advantage of administration rights of information systems at some agencies and businesses.

Many buyers were individuals and businesses operating in such fields as insurance, foreign language teaching, and real estate, according to police officers.

Businesses that owned the stolen data showed the lack of responsibility in the management of their customers’ information and data, the officers said.

They also took no action although their customers’ information and data were sold publicly for a long time.

Some of them showed signs of providing customers’ information and data for a third party for illicit profits, officers stated.

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