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The many ways to enjoy tuna



Lê Hương

Tuna is a food source with high nutritional value. The tender and fragrant fish can be used in a wide variety of dishes. 

It contains unsaturated fat, protein, vitamin D, and phosphorous. Tuna is good for your health and helps prevent diseases in the heart, bones and joints.

However, tuna also contains a large amount of mercury and anisakis, a kind of parasite that causes allergies, so it is not advisable for some people. It is advised that, if you have never eaten tuna before, you try a small amount of fish first to test your body’s reaction. 

Here are some suggestions for tuna in daily meals.

Tuna salad

A salad of fresh tuna and sprouts is a perfect starter for your meal, which is quite simple to make.

A healthy tuna salad. — Photo

Chef Tống Sang from Phú Yên takes a recipe with 100g of fresh tuna (or canned tuna, if you prefer); 100g of watercress; 100g of lettuce; a quarter of a shallot; spices including sesame oil, lemon juice, chilli sauce, vinegar, roasted white sesame, salt and sugar.

All the vegetables should be cleaned properly before being cut into small pieces. Tuna is cut into small square pieces and left to dry.

The sauce is made by stirring all the spices together.

Then mix well all ingredients, put on the sauce, and stir well.

The dish will offer a way to enjoy the taste of fresh tuna without a fishy flavour. The fresh clean vegetable will mix well with the sour, hot, salty and sweet sauce flavours.

Baked tuna in tinfoil

Ingredients for this main course include one kilogram of tuna; onion, garlic, chopped chilli, lemon, spices of minced pepper, fish sauce, sugar, broth mix; and a roll of tin foil.

Baked tuna in tinfoil. — Photo

You should choose fresh tuna for the best flavour, which should be cleansed with a salt solution both in and out of the body to get rid of the fishy smell. Then you mark a sharp knife cut on its body so that the spice can absorb evenly inside the fish; chop cleansed onion and garlic; and cut ginger into thin pieces.

Marinate the fish with some salt and some broth mix and massage gently on the fish so that the spices absorb better. Add onion, garlic and ginger to the fish, then wrap all with the tinfoil and let it there for some 20 minutes.

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees for 10 minutes before putting the fish in. Bake the fish for ten minutes, then take it out and cover it with some oil so it doesn’t dry out. Turn the fish over and bake for another five minutes.

You can make a sweet and sour sauce to dip the baked fish in. The sauce is made of minced garlic, minced chilly, fish sauce, sugar, and broth mix.

The baked tuna in tinfoil keeps all nutrition of the fish with delicious flavour. The dish can be served hot with fresh vermicelli and herbs and wrapped in rice pancakes.

Egg wrapped with tuna

This is a very simple and delicious dish. You can mix well eggs, some roots and minced tuna. A ratio of 300g of minced boiled tuna, three eggs, some thì là herbs (dill), some fish sauce, cooking oil, salt, pepper, broth mix and sugar (to your taste).

Tuna wrapped in egg. — Photo

You put the minced tuna into a big bowl, and add chopped dill and fish sauce. Break the eggs in another bowl, add spices and mix well. Heat some oil on a saucepan, fry the eggs first, then add minced tuna to the egg. Then fold the egg and fry well on both sides.

Take the fold out and cut it into small pieces for eating. Put some herbs on top of the dish.

Spicy tuna stew

The dish is more suitable for cool weather and served with hot steamed rice.

The ingredients for a portion for four people include 500g of tuna, a coconut, onion, garlic, chilli, oil, salt, sugar and pepper.

The cleansed fish should be marinated with pepper, sugar, and salt.

Mince the onion, garlic and red chilli.

Spicy tuna stew is great on a winter’s day. — Photo

Heat the oil in the saucepan and put the fish in to fry as well.

Then, take another saucepan and put the oil in to fry onion, garlic and chilli. Then, add coconut milk in with two spoons of sugar.

Some sliced pineapple can also enhance the flavour.

Boil the mixture before putting the fish in and add spices to taste. Stew it at a low temperature for 30-40 minutes.

The tuna should be well cooked and have beautiful colours and the natural sweetness of coconut milk.

Spaghetti with tuna sauce

You can use a pack of spaghetti or fettuccine, a can of tuna, a lemon, parsley cheese, garlic, 30g of unsalted butter, cooking oil, spices and basil leaves.

 The dish tastes better·with more cheese. — Photo·

Before cooking, take the tuna out and cut it into small pieces.

Then, boil water in a saucepan, add some salt and oil and boil the spaghetti or fettuccine till it is soft. Take the spaghetti or fettuccine out and let it dry while keeping a bowl of boiled water. Mix the spaghetti or fettuccine with some oil and stir well so the strings don’t stick together.

Heat oil in a saucepan at an average temperature, then add garlic and tuna in. Add some spices to taste and put the spaghetti or fettuccine in and mix well. Add butter and boiled water with some lemon juice and mix well. 

When it is mixed well, add some more minced parsley cheese, pepper and basil leaves.

The dish should be served hot with some Parmesan cheese. — VNS



Some of the best fishing lakes in and around Hà Nội



Fishing is a favourite activity of many people. — Photo

Thanh Nga

On weekends, the number of people flocking to commercial centres, pedestrian streets or entertainment areas in the inner city of Hà Nội has increased. 

So, why don’t you think about going fishing with your family and friends? This interesting recreational activity helps your spirit be healthy and brings you closer to nature. Here are some of the most popular natural fishing spots near Hà Nội.

Đồng Mô Lake

Only 50km from Hà Nội, Đồng Mô Lake is not only famous for its beauty every sunset, but it is also a fishing lake favoured by many Hanoians. Many fish, including carp, black pike and perch, can be found here. Those interested in fishing will be satisfied with their passion here.

You can visit Đồng Mô Lake Ecological Area, Phan Thị Villa and the golf course for the best experience. With the beautiful natural scenery, the experience of camping in the 200ha – Đồng Mô Lake is something you should not miss. You can camp at Camping Sport Đồng Mô, Camp Sơn Tinh 2 and 3.

Address: Sơn Tây, Hà Nội

Fishing price: Free

Fishing in Đồng Mô Lake. — Photo

Đồng Đò Lake

Not only famous as a beautiful camping site and good resort, Đồng Đò Lake also has abundant aquatic products. You can fish black pike weighing more than 10kg, and all completely free. You can go with your family to enjoy camping. All rental services for tents are very affordable. With a large lake, you can rent SUP to paddle yourself around. 

Address: Minh Tân Village, Minh Trí Commune, Sóc Sơn District, Hà Nội

Fishing price: Free

Núi Bàu Lake

Núi Bàu Lake is located at the foot of Hàm Lợn Mountain in Sóc Sơn District. It has become a familiar destination among natural fishing lakes in Hà Nội. You can catch many kinds of fish here. The surrounding space is also very poetic and charming, and you should avoid contaminating the water source.

Address: Thanh Hà Village, Nam Sơn Commune, Sóc Sơn District, Hà Nội

Fishing price: Free

Núi Bàu Lake has become a familiar destination for free fishing in Hà Nội. — Photo

Hồng River

The Hồng (Red) River stretches from Lào Cai Province to the lowlands of the Red River Delta. The centre of the lowlands area is Hà Nội.

Fishing in the Red River attracts many fishermen in the capital and some neighbouring provinces. There are a variety of fish species, such as tilapia, carp, grey mullet and hemibagrus.

June to December is the ideal time to catch big fish. In addition, this is also when fish of the carp family move upstream and find beautiful places to lay their eggs every year.

Sitting at the Red River bank, you can relax, admire the scenery, and enjoy the air while waiting for the fish to bite.

Address: The area next to Hồng Vân Port or the foot of Vĩnh Tuy bridge towards Bát Tràng Dike

Fishing price: Free

Chòm Núi Lake

It only takes two hours from the city centre to reach the lake in Sóc Sơn District. It is a natural fishing lake with airy space and rich aquatic life. You will be satisfied when you fish here. As well as carp and mudfish, you can also catch many other types of fish. The fishing spots around the lake are beautiful and relaxing. If you want to camp in Chòm Núi Lake, you should come here in the dry season; in the rainy season, the campsite will be flooded.

Address: Nam Sơn Commune, Sóc Sơn District, Hà Nội

Fishing price: Free

Đuống River

Along the banks of the Đuống River are many large, long and wide stone embankments. To harvest a lot of fish on the river, you should fish around 6.30am – 9.00am or 4pm – 7pm. The space in the Đuống River is suitable for people to go fishing. You can bring food and drinks to camp.

Address: along Đuống River dike, Kim Sơn embankment area.

Fishing price: Free

Sunset on Quan Sơn Lake, a natural fishing lake in Hà Nội. — Photo

Quan Sơn Lake

Quan Sơn Lake is also a natural fishing lake worth visiting in Hà Nội with many kinds of fish. It is also a tourist and camping place for your family and friends at the weekend.

Spanning around 850ha in the territory of five communes of Mỹ Đức District, the beautiful scenery is the combination of the sky, water and 100 limestone mountains, somewhat similar to that of UNESCO World Heritage site Hạ Long Bay, in the northern province of Quảng Ninh.

The surrounding vegetation is rich and green in four seasons, creating a sense of peace. So if you fish in Quan Sơn, you can release your soul, enjoy the cool air and admire the spacious landscape.

Address: Mỹ Đức District, Hà Nội

Fishing price: VNĐ100,000 – VNĐ300,000

Natural fishing is great for a weekend of entertainment. Hopefully, with the above suggestions, you will choose a place to experience the feeling of being close to nature and the feeling of sublimation when you catch a big fish. VNS

while going fishing in Núi Bàu Lake, you can camp here. — Photo


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Tam Dao honoured as world’s leading town destination 2022



The People’s Committees of northern Vinh Phuc province and Tam Dao district held a ceremony on December 2 to announce the award honouring Tam Dao as the world’s leading town destination in 2022.

Tam Dao honoured as world’s leading town destination 2022 hinh anh 1A corner of Tam Dao. (Photo: VNA)

Vinh Phuc – The People’s Committees of northern
Vinh Phuc province and Tam Dao district held a ceremony on December 2 to announce the award honouring Tam Dao as the world’s leading town destination in

The title was previously announced at the 29th World Travel
Awards held in Oman in November this year.

Addressing the event, Vice Chairman of the
provincial People’s Committee Vu Viet Van said the award is a recognition of the initial
success of the district’s tourism sector, helping to improve the position and value of
the Tam Dao National Tourist Area, and promoting the development of the tourism
industry in Vinh Phuc province.

The Tam Dao national tourism site is located on Tam Dao mountain range, at an
altitude of 54 to 1,100 metres above sea level. It boasts majestic mountainous
scenery that covers a vast area of the northern delta.

In Tam Dao, there
are three mountains, Thach Ban (1,388m), Thien Thi (1,375m), and Phu Nghia
(1,400m), rising above the sea of clouds like three islands. That is the source
of the Vietnamese name “Tam Dao,” meaning “three islands.”

Tam Dao honoured as world’s leading town destination 2022 hinh anh 2Wild sunflowers, or da quy, bloom along the hillsides of Tam Dao tourist area. (Photo: VNA)

Thanks to its cool climate, the town has long been one of the
most attractive destinations in northern Vietnam among both domestic and
foreign visitors, especially for a summer vacation.

This marks the
first time Tam Dao has been awarded the world’s leading town destination.

To get the award, Tam
Dao overcame many town destinations
in the US, Japan, the Czech Republic, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Nepal, and New

annual awards are based on votes cast by travel industry professionals and the

World Travel Awards, launched in 1993, acknowledge excellence in the tourism
industry, and have been described as the “travel industry’s equivalent of
the Oscars./.


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Ho Chi Minh City looks to cash in on new travel trends



Ho Chi Minh City expects to fully exploit bleisure travel – a novel type of tourism combining business travel with leisure time.

Ho Chi Minh City looks to cash in on new travel trends hinh anh 1HCM City has great potential for developing bleisure travel. (Photo: VNA)

HCM CityHo Chi Minh City expects to fully exploit bleisure travel – a novel type of tourism combining business travel with leisure time.

Phan Thi Thang, Vice Chairwoman of the municipal People’s Committee, said that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the behaviour and habits of tourists. Lack of travel for the two years of the pandemic has encouraged travelers to make better use of their time, yielding creative forms of tourism trends such as “bleisure” travel.

This type of tourism is to become a popular lifestyle when balancing work and leisure, bringing many benefits to stakeholders and a multi-industry supply chain, she said, adding that it will save time, costs and reduce stress for tourists, thereby improving their productivity and providing leisure time on the same journey.

Regarding tourism firms, it brings in more customers and increases revenue even in the low season, Thang said, noting that HCM City has great potential for developing bleisure travel.

The southern metropolis has over 4,000 hotels and lodging facilities with nearly 50,000 guest rooms, some 1,280 travel firms and some 7,000 tour guides. Up to 60% of the tour hosts are certified as international tour guides. It is an international trade centre, connecting many countries and territories. The city houses Tan Son Nhat international airport which receives millions of domestic and international visitors a year.

HCM City is also a locality with many famous architectures and heritages as well as a variety of products and services for travelers.

The city aims to elevate the promotion of MICE (meeting, incentive, convention, exhibition) tourism in post- COVID-19 period, according to a representative of the Department of Tourism.

Ho Chi Minh City looks to cash in on new travel trends hinh anh 2The Hop-on-Hop-off bus carries tourists to Ho Chi Minh City’s well-known attractions. (Photo: VNA)

This is also one of the solutions to promote international tourism, along with collaboration with ministries, agencies, Vietnamese representative offices abroad and international partners to bring tourists to HCM City, the representative said.

As soon as the country reopened to international travelers, the city’s tourism industry received a group of 130 tourists from the US.

In addition to the issuance of tourism stimulus policies, building new products and focusing on developing bleisure travel and MICE tourism, the city also welcomed tourists that arrive by cruise ships.

HCM City is a well-known and attractive destination in the travel itinerary of major international shipping lines such as Royal Caribbean Cruise Line Group, Princess Cruises, Costa Cruises and Viking Cruises.

The Department of Tourism believed cruise ships are a high potential type of tourism that will serve to attract new international visitors to the city in the future./


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